Good video editing software alternative for Sony Vegas

When it comes to editing videos, the decision of which software to get usually boils down to either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. This isn’t surprising since these two software have the best tools and features to create really professional videos. So far, there have been few programs that can compete with these two powerful programs. MediaStudio Pro 8 developed by Ulead is making a good case for itself, however. Can it rise up to the challenge and replace Vegas and Premiere in the hearts and minds of professional video editors?

Installation and Design

One of the most annoying things about Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas is the slow and complicated installation process. In this respect, you won’t have anything to worry about with the Ulead MediaStudio Pro. It installs with speed and efficiency. One very important thing to note about MediaStudio Pro 8, however, is the fact that it’s not compatible with Windows operating systems later than Windows XP. Make sure to keep that in mind before trying out this product.

The interface and design of the program are very reminiscent of Sony Vegas without being derivative. It has all of the elements that are expected in any video editing software. There is a timeline panel where users can add video clips to arrange and edit them. It also has an effects manager where users can add all sorts of effects. There is also the Production Library window where users can find and view available media that they can use for their videos. It is divided into two sections: the production library itself and the Project Tray. The production library allows users to explore all of their media while the project tray is where users can view all of the media they used for the project. Finally, there is the preview window where users can preview the video that they’ve made. The preview window has buttons and displays that are helpful for previewing videos.

Other Useful Features

In addition to editing, the Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 also comes with a Video Capture and Audio Editor program. It’s rather annoying that the developers decided to separate these two features into their own programs instead of keeping it with the Video Editor. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it’s unnecessary. Additionally, it makes the process much more difficult than it has to be since you have to export and save files from the Video Capture and Audio Editor and import them to the video editor. The process would have been much more streamlined if all of these features were in the Video Editor.

Pretty Good Alternative

In all honesty, if you’re going to invest in a video editing software, I still recommend getting either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Ulead MediaStudio Pro has what it takes to replace either in the hearts of professional editors. All that said, if for some reason you really cannot get your hands on Vegas or Premiere, Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 is a pretty good alternative. 

Complete Digital Video Suite, offering Real-time MPEG capture, Real-time preview, as well as Real-time output

Ulead® MediaStudio Pro 8 is powerful, versatile and intuitive video editing software, for professionals and enthusiasts in independent production, event videography, business, and education.

Integrated, quick-to-master tools take you to the forefront of professional real-time HDV, DV or MPEG editing.

Features Include:

Video Scan/Capture

Video Editor

Audio Editor

CG Infinity

Video Paint

DVD Authoring

Complete Digital Suite

Real-time Performance Includes:

Real-time MPEG Capture

Real-time Preview in Any Format

Real-time Output to TV, Tape or DV

All-in-one DV to DVD Includes:

Advanced Format Support

Native MPEG Editing

Dolby AC-3 Audio

Auto Slideshow

DVD Authoring

On-disc DVD Player

Ulead 3D & Graphics Software Integration


  • Quick install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Has a lot of features
  • Good at editing


  • Not compatible with OS after Windows XP
  • Should be more streamlined
  • Slow sometimes
  • Cluttered window

Program available in other languages

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